I have a scar on my forehead from eating my stubborn twin in the womb

I have a scar on my forehead from eating my stubborn twin in the womb

No one can get in your head quite like a sibling.

A woman revolted viewers after showcasing a peculiar forehead scar, which she was left with after “eating her twin in the womb.” A now-viral clip detailing her accidental sororicide currently boasts more than 5.1 million views on TikTok.

“I was a hungry fetus,” quipped user Kaley in the clip of the pre-natal fiasco, which occurred after she absorbed her sibling into her head.

She specifically experienced vanishing twin syndrome, a type of miscarriage that occurs when a woman is carrying multiple babies, but one of them stops developing due to a genetic aberration, the Cleveland Clinic reported.

Eventually, the vanishing twin’s tissue gets incorporated by the parent and the surviving embryo(s) — as was the case with Kaley. Thankfully, this process is completely harmless to the mother and her fetus(es), per the CC.

A woman revealed a scar left from when she “cannibalized” her twin in the womb — but it was actually a real case of vanishing twin syndrome.
TikTok / @verrilame

Kaley painted the macabre intrauterine scene. “Nine months is a really long time to be kept in the womb without any real sustenance,” she jokingly described, adding that she eventually “gave into temptation by eating my twin sister.”

The prenatal cannibal added, “However, much like myself, she was a stubborn person. Instead of just being absorbed, she decided to stick around on my forehead.”

Kaley then pointed at the scar on her forehead, which, when she was born, had “bones, teeth, and hair in it…all human,” per the clip.

Fortunately, the twins were separated at birth so to speak. “They cut it out so it wouldn’t impact my skull, and here me and my sister are,” the surviving twin described.

A pic of Kaley after getting her
A pic of Kaley after getting her “baby bump” removed.
TikTok / @verrilame

In a followup clip with nearly 750,000 views, Kaley shared a photo of her newborn self sporting the coin-sized bump on her forehead. A subsequent photo shows her with a bandage between her eyes where doctors extracted her sister’s remains.

Needless to say, the TikTok peanut gallery was agog over her the ghoulish VTS tale.

“I was not expecting that,” said one aghast gawker, while another wrote, “You win the scar story competition. Hands down.”

One TikTok comedian spoofed the immortal line from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” writing: “And in that lump … was my twin.”

Even YouTube star Francesca Farago chimed in, exclaiming: “Omgggg.”

“The fact that throughout probably her whole life she’s had to tell that story when people have asked about the scar is sending me right now,” said another astonished viewer. Kaley replied, “The story was always ‘I ran into a wall.’”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, VTS is notoriously difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are markedly similar to what women experience during the first trimester of pregnancy. They included, cramps in your uterus, light bleeding, or spotting, as well as pelvic and back pain.

The condition, which generally affects women over 30, is often diagnosed “during a pregnancy ultrasound,” per the clinic.

“If one of the embryos present on an earlier ultrasound is no longer present on a future ultrasound, your provider can make a vanishing twin syndrome diagnosis,” they write. “In some cases, your provider may find fetal tissue from the vanished twin in your placenta after you’ve delivered your baby.”

In another anomalous twin pregnancy in June, a California couple conceived their youngest daughter just five days after conceiving another daughter.

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