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Scientists Discover Blueprint for Life Forms on Mars

For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that microbes found living in Canada’s High Arctic, in conditions similar to those on Mars, can survive by eating and breathing simple inorganic compounds like those that have been detected on Mars.

Genomic analyses of microbes from Canada’s Arctic provide insight into life forms that could survive on Lost Hammer Spring

Microbes taken from surface sediment near Lost Hammer Spring, Canada, about 900 km south of the North Pole, could provide a blueprint for the kind of life forms that may once have existed, or may still exist, on Mars. Credit: Elisse Magnuson

To gain insight into the kind of life forms that could exist on Mars, researchers used state-of-the-art genomic tools and single-cell microbiology methods to identify and characterize a novel, and more importantly, an active microbial community in this unique spring. Finding the microbes and then sequencing their
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