Small satellites, called cubesats, inside the Artemis 1 Orion Stage Adapter at NASAs Kennedy Space Center in Florida for their upcoming launch on the Artemis I mission.

Artemis 1 cubesats: The 10 tiny satellites hitching a NASA ride to the moon

As part of the Artemis 1 mission, set to launch on Aug. 29, 2022,  the Space Launch System (SLS)  —  the most powerful rocket ever built  —  is about to catapult the Orion spacecraft further into space than any human-built vehicle intended to carry astronauts has ventured before.

The mission will serve as a test before future Artemis missions send humans to the moon and beyond, in the process delivering milestones like the first woman and person of color to walk on the lunar surface, and the first human to step foot on Mars.

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